Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Wordpress it is!

I have moved to Wordpress.
After much introspection and discussion on what Blogger and Wordpress are capable of, I figured a one-stop shop was needed instead of multiple links. What's wonderful about Wordpress is that everything I've blogged till now has been archived in a link, which is pretty cool.

See you there.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Digital marketing

As I packed my bags and headed for the metro station for my digital marketing classes, I thought to myself- how do I take all this content created on my blog over the last 11 years to a more visible platform? The answer arrived to me in class. First;y, move all my Blogger content to WordPress. Today. Add various other aspect, elements and functions to your content and increase the connect with various other similar content.
Lets hope that gets me somewhere.

The world has changed radically from Web 1.0 days. Behaviors are captured, calculated, index and monetized quicker and purposefully. One's entire purpose of creating any content has to have a target audience, recall value, brand building and call for action to end the message. Then you go back to bringing the targeted audience back to you with engaging content, feedback and action on the engagement.

Looking at the increasing alienation of people and yet interconnected behavior, your infrastructure needs to work double time to know what to do with all that information. Your writers need to create smart, engaging content, your coders should know what structure to create and your business development guys should be creative and opportunistic to know how to expand into areas that can capture more.

Since I have also started learning to code on codeacademy.com, I now understand the structure of a page a bit more than before. But it all boils down to interesting stuff. Look at what Scoop Whoop is doing. They post interesting content which ends with a linked ad. That is content targeted at a product. The teams that create these pages have talented copy writers just developing content thats light on text; in fact barely more than 100 words on the entire page, lots of pictures and interesting captions. You click on interesting, trending content that takes you to the page where the ads are placed.
All content has to be made readable by Google's crawlers. So the limelight gets turned away Adobe Flash - which was a must have skill back in the early 2000s. The way ahead is structured, relevant content in responsive pages.
This article is written during my digital marketing course from Edupristine. The 12 classes are being conducted in Connaught Place next to Regal Cinema hall on Sundays. Other classmates work in Kart Rocket and Exhibitions India. There is way too much going on out there to ignore.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Pink sky

Pink sky. Does it exist?
Do get out more, put it on your list.

Hit the highway. Stop. Look up at the big blue.
No, it is not violet enough. Keep going.
Slow down.
What do you hear?
Cattle in the fields or battle in your deals?

Keep rolling.
Lessen the possessions. Let go.
Stop. Reverse.
...to where people are sitting together, wherever
Watch them converse.
Laughing, joking, living. Keep driving.

Is the most beautiful thing the earth? River and trees?
Ok now, we are getting somewhere… Jeez!

Ask for directions. Not because you need directions.
Just look at faces and a trace of humanity surfaces.

Talk. Wait till that battery drains. Put it away.
Talk a little more, with someone.

Lie down on the grass, rock or sand.
Think of nothing but the moment at hand.

The sky should tell you what you missed. You should be pissed.
Stare at the stars, think of Mars. Not the scars, but moments of ours.

Pink sky. Up there.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Strong processes, better people

Its been 4 years since I completed a course in Lean Six Sigma with Benchmark. Apart from the course-ware, things we discussed in the class back then still hold strong. 
We discussed the importance of setting up strong processes in particular; that enable success paths for companies. The stronger the process, the less we depend on particular talented individuals.
Our faculty Mr Vishwadeep Khatri gave an example of China at the Olympics. China wins most medals, yet we do not hear of a particular superstar; like Micheal Phelps from US or Usain Bolt from Jamaica. That's because China's selection process enables more people to achieve their potential, thereby removing the dependence on a few talented individuals. This way, China wins over a period of many years and not just at a particular event or because of special talent.
The stronger the processes, the less we depend on individuals who may leave the company and bring the house down with them. So if you are a talented individual, then make others in your team as able as you are and let them go beyond. Create the culture wherein anyone can achieve more.
Very proud to be with Benchmark. Here's my spot there- http://students.benchmarksixsigma.com/competitve-edge/

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Trust digital!

We don't want to let go of printing. It is still perceived as more convincing, tangible and still real - more real than a digital message. We still find printing reassuring despite our lives so enmeshed with net-banking, online shopping and living online with our friends and family.

We still want to courier or personally hand out the special invite to our recipients. We want our returns on investment on that matt feel of the special paper we sourced with much effort, and the attention we gave to details on the envelope and finishing. The magnetic catch on the cover has to close with a classic soft click. When the client opens our brochure, the silk varnish must shine in the light with our branded message.

What really happened? The courier never reached the recipient and the material is returned to sender... poof! There goes all that effort and bubble around the reaction and response we dreamt of. We end up with a stack of returned invites and brochures. Why did the prized printed message not reach the recipient? Was he traveling? Maybe they shifted office. Or they received it, but just dropped it in a drawer to be handled later.

What is that recipient doing right now? He is looking into a smartphone- toying around with either an app, an email or a responsive website which is interactive, intuitive and simply, instant.

So why does it take so long for us to accept the fact that creating apps and responsive websites is not worth the money? Why do we rather print so much; knowing well that there will be significant wastage and lost response? The app lasts longer on our phones and memories than the printed material does in our offices. On the app we can run a search, go directly to sections by clicking on tabs instead of flipping around pages, respond quickly and select options, fill in fields where comments are required, and forward to others. Printed material does not facilitate easy responding. Filling in forms need paper and pen to be carried around. Filling a form in an app or website is easier.

We know these things. So come on. Let’s change the way we look at printing- anything. Let’s create interactive material. We can print though, if really necessary. Apps can be created for events to clients, potential entrepreneurs can nominate themselves at ease on their brand new phones. Awards nights can be relayed live, interview telecast timings can be sent as notifications. Users can respond to event management teams. Twitter handles can be connected. Partners and directors can flash latest company or government policies, notify on latest thought leaderships posted on the website. 2-minute YouTube videos of leadership can reach out better than emails.

Way more awaits. Let's do this.